Understanding Roulette Rules

Understanding Roulette Rules

While roulette rules are very basic, and quite simple to learn, there is still a need to obtain essential knowledge prior to entering the casino and beginning to play poker or roulette. If you are a newcomer to the game, and unfamiliar with its rules, knowing the rules of roulette will certainly help keep you from having a certain feeling of awkwardness or being misunderstood.

Usually, traditional roulette games have been played in standard casinos but now safe online casino gambling has become increasingly popular and continues to gain ground on its live counterpart.

The game of roulette has both rules and etiquette that players need to follow. In many games where money is the name of the game, it is quite critical for the gamblers to have a familiarization of rules and etiquette in both land-based and online casinos.

The Basic Rules

The simple policy in the game of roulette is you that don't play with the other players. A basic game of roulette can accommodate up to eight players, and each one of them competes, not against each other, but solely against the house.

Players purchase colored chips, which are distinct from the other players.

If the spin turns in your favor, you exchange your colored chips for cash chips amounting to a particular value.

The "En Prison" rule

If you make even money bets and the ball hits a zero, you can either cancel your bet or keep it for one more spin. If you decide to go for the additional spin you put your bet "En prison."

The "La Partage" rule

This is similar to the "en prison" rule. However, under this rule, you stand to lose fifty percent of your bet and the remainder of your bet will not be kept in prison (for one more spin).

The Basic Etiquette

Your wagers must be made prior to the time the spinner, or "croupier", announces that players are no longer allowed to make bets.

As soon as the betting is stopped by the croupier, players must refrain from making an attempt to lay down any more chips.

Changing, or any modification in your bet, is no longer allowed when the croupier declares that betting has stopped.

While there are other rules in the game of roulette, these are the basic ones, and learning them will give you an opportunity to begin playing roulette with basic knowledge of the rules.