The Roulette Wheel of Fortune

The Roulette Wheel of Fortune

The Roulette wheel is very significant to the world of casino and gambling in general. How significant? The wheel has only become the most recognizable icon of the casino world. On the cover of a lot of books about casino or gambling, is the picture of the roulette wheel. Most gambling websites also use this icon for their background. Souvenir items from casinos often feature the roulette wheel.

This casino equipment is not easily done as it seems. First and foremost, the huge size of the wheel and the materials it is made from make it very heavy; thus, it is no easy feat to create one such wheel. The construction of the wheel also requires detailed painting. To ensure fairness and more excitement, certain mechanisms had been used on the wheel to make the balls bounce on it more before settling into a spot. Obviously, to create the roulette wheel is a very complicated task.

The wheel follows a color scheme. Thirty six pockets are divided by two different colors, which are red and black. Aside from those thirty six pockets, two more pockets are colored differently, usually green, to represent the double zero and the zero. The wheel is painted as such because the game of roulette is dependent on the numbers and colors on the wheel.

It is an important part of the roulette game because this is where the game actually takes place. When you look at the roulette table, you can see the same numbers and colors that are found on the wheel. This is because the roulette table is where players place their bets while the wheel is where people will see which bet has won. In a nutshell, the roulette table is a representation of the roulette wheel. It is just a device on which players will mark their bets.

How does one use and play the roulette wheel?

Once the bets are placed and final, the dealer turns the wheel counterclockwise. After that, he or she throws the ball into the wheel. Sometimes, the dealer allows the players to throw the ball for experience and for fun. However, most casinos try to discourage that practice, since it might cause some issues such as fairness of the game. After the ball is thrown, the crowd then waits for it to settle into one of the pockets, because that determines who will win the game and take the money.