Roulette Bets and Their Payouts

Roulette Bets and Their Payouts

Perhaps the most important thing to know about playing roulette is being aware of the different payout and betting structures involved on the game. Being a game of chance there is not much a player can do to influence the outcome of their game but they can perhaps influence the quality of any outcome that will result at the end of their game in roulette by choosing the type of bet with the most benefits.

It is important for a roulette player to know their options and to find out which can provide them better payout and frequency of winnings. There are two types of bets that can be played in roulette.

The Inside Bets

Inside bets are ones that are placed inside the roulette table layout. There are fewer groups of numbers to bet on but they offer the highest payout. The most significant bet that gives a 35:1 payout is from a straight bet which is a bet on a single number. The next inside bet which has the second highest payout of 17:1 is from a split bet where a bet is split into two numbers.

The payout of a street bet is 11:1 where a player can bet on three numbers in a row. The bet is called a street since the three numbers are across that gives the player chance to bet on three numbers in a single bet.

The square bet is placed on four numbers that are adjacent to each other. The payout is 8:1 and is also known as the corner bet. The line bet on the other hand has the lowest payout of 5:1 among all the inside bets where a bet is placed on numbers of two rows.

The Outside Bets

These are the bets that are placed on the outside layout of the roulette table. The payout are relatively lower compared to the inside bets but offers the highest winning frequency. The column bet offers a payout of 2:1 that allows a player to bet on vertical columns consisting of 12 numbers.

The dozen bet also has a payout of 2:1 where one can play for any sections of 12 numbers. The player can always choose which dozen of numbers on the betting grid they want to play.

The even money bet gives the lowest roulette payout of 1:1. One can bet on 18 numbers either on odd, even, black, red, 1-18 and 19-36 numbers. Taking this into account, the even money bet provides the highest winning odds in roulette.

It is important to consider the fact that the bet with the highest payout have lower winnings odds while bets with the lower payout are the ones with the highest winning frequency among all the roulette bets.