Learning the Ropes through Free Roulette Games

Learning the Ropes through Free Roulette Games

It's rare that land-based casinos would allow walk-in guests to play free roulette games so if you wish to learn about the rules of the game, your first option would be to pay for the privilege of playing. Or you could read a book about it.

But thanks to the Internet, you can now learn the ropes - and the wheels - through the use of free roulette games online. Shall we begin our lesson then?

First and foremost, choose a site where you wish to play free roulette games and learn the basics at the same time. Choose your free roulette site with care - bad graphics can easily turn you off after a while.

If you're allowed to choose which free roulette wheel you wish to play with, always go for a free roulette game that uses the European wheel. The American wheel has 2 zeros in it and this increases the casino's advantage. When you're sufficiently learnt, that's the time you should play free roulette games using American wheels and even the odds.

But for now - stick with free roulette games using the European wheel, please!

The first thing the free roulette dealer shall ask you is to make your bet. Obviously, since this is a free roulette game, you're only betting virtual money. But for the sake of learning, you must treat this free roulette game as an entirely real one and see all your free roulette bets as real wagers. Think of playing free roulette games as a kind of hands-on-practice, if you will.

The free roulette dealer shall not give the free roulette wheel a spin until all free roulette players have placed their free roulette bets on the table. So you best make your bet quick to avoid getting skewered by the impatient glances of the other players.

You'll observe that the free roulette wheel is spinning to the opposite direction of where the free roulette ball is going. As the free roulette wheel slows down, the ball would slowly find itself falling in a numbered slot. The free roulette dealer will then mark it down accordingly.

Since we are viewing this free roulette game as a "real" one, I should point out that players are NOT allowed to make new bets or collect winnings until the dealer is done with marking the slot where the ball has fallen in.

After that, the wheel shall spin again and the cycle goes on and on. And there you have it - the basics of playing roulette. We hope you have fun when you finally start playing!